Please Explain the Process

1. Appraisal of client requirements

It all begins with the client’s dream idea. Whether an abstract idea or a very specific written brief, we strive to understand the brief and define it accordingly. This could include the project delivery method (Lump Sum tender or negotiated contract, Design-and-Construct, Managing Contractor etc) and outlining advantages of each model of procurement even at this early stage.


2. Site analysis

The proposed site for the building is analysed for specifics such as sun angles, views, slope, pedestrian & vehicle access, neighbours & privacy etc. These are important factors to help shape the eventual buildings. It could be an empty piece of land or an existing building.


3. Concept Design

Sketches, perspectives, floor plans, site layouts and associated diagrams are prepared to convey ideas and facilitate discussions. It also enables initial cost estimates and statutory consent (Planning approval). Other disciplines such as Structural and Services Engineers, Traffic and Landscaping consultants, Environmental and Cost consultants may be involved as required.


4. Design Development

Detail is added to refine the design in all aspects. This incorporates client review and input from all other consultants.



5. Technical Documentation

All documents required to enable statutory approvals, procurement and construction. This consists of drawings and specifications, schedules etc.



6. Tenders & Procurement

We prepare tender documents for all forms of contract, including tender analysis and written tender report with a clear recommendation to clients.


7. Contract Administration

Preparation of contract documents prior to construction. During the construction process, we offer services such as site inspections and quality assessment, progress payment certificates to the builder, assessment of claims for variations, extension of contract time, issuing of Practical Completion and Final Completion certificates and associated defects lists.